Sunday, March 07, 2010

Unravelling tribe get together!

On Saturday, l spent the day up in a part of London called Spitalfields, which is by Liverpool Street Station. The reason was to meet up with some of the girls from an e-course called Unravelling, which l have just finished. I had a great time. we eat, talked, drank coffee, eat, talked, took images and talked more and did some walking..very slow walking. Well you can't talk, walk and take images at a fst be sensible!!! Some came early and left after a while for other engasgements, as then others arrived and we even had one person come from New York. Actually, she came with her husband, who was over here on buisness but she still came to our Little Tribe meeting.
Some of the group had to go, so the rest of use went walking round the market. The area has been totally re-vamped in the past 2 years or so and l have to admit, for me the place has lost its charm but for people coming to it fresh, they seem love it!

Where as before, it was just the bare shell of a building with metal rafters and each artists made their own sort of area, now it is very formal. I suppose it is warmer and looks smart but it has also become more expensive, l suppose they have to pay for the refurbishment some how!
There were a lot of people crowding around a large fenced off area and there were bikes every where. It turned out that they were playing bike polo! never seen or heard of this before but seemed great fun.

There seemed to be quite a few teams playing against each other in a competion of some sort. I loved all the weird looking wheels and quirky decorated helmets. i watched it for a while but still couyldn't work out the rules! but who cares, they all seemed to be having a whale of a time and that's all that matters in the end..isn't it?!


 The guy in the image below, had a huge black plug in each ear lope and a stud just above his top lip. I would love to be able to wear some of the decorative plugs but feel l am too old now, so l will just stick with my pieced ears, which with please my husband no-end!Ha!....he is not a big fan of piecings or tattoos!
Just love these guys cheerful expresstions and the fact l was able to have them against this amazing purple background was a plus! 
The image below also makes me smile because of the guy's pedal-pusher type jeans but also for the very worn seat area!..well l hope it is just a worn seat area??? Also like the two children on the left of the image. Either sitting on dad's shoulders or just about to be placed there and they were giggling their heads off. They also had orange balloons, which is a sign they had just had lunch at a Giraffe's full tummies too! Oh..shows how strong the branding is, if l see an orange balloon and instantly Giraffe's come to mind!
There are a few stalls here today, selling cloths, belts and jewellry, as well as the permanent cloths and ornament type shops. 
The guy in the image below, was making belt buckles and sells these amazing beans. The bean has the word say "Love" or "sorry" or  "Chelsea" for example pressed into both sides and when put in soil and watered, the leaves that grow, have that word written into their leaves!!!! Amazing or what? I will grow one and put the results on here! Still can't work out how it happens but this space.

This last image is of the British flag, even though it is a doormat ( no nasty comments please!) and a Britsh patriotic is that!!!
More tomorrow on my day in Spitalfields and the surrounding area...Brick Lane and so on. Nightx

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