Sunday, March 14, 2010

What have you noticed today?

Following on from yesterday's blog, there is one big change going on, on Putney Hill. There used to be a large complex that was South Thames Adult Education College. It was for people doing Art, History, O and A level eaxms, courses to learn english and so on. It was a place of many nationalities and cultures and covered all ages as well. Unfortunetly, due to money problems (or so we were lead to believe) it was amalgamated with, l think Wandsworth Adult Education College. In its place is going to guessed..flats and a few penhouse flats too. In Putney, we are desperate for house for first time buyers and what do we get from the ground that was a college....very expensive and out of the reach of most of them! Good old Wandsworth Council!!!!

How often do you look at the garden's you pass every morning? Try it again, you may see things you would be amazed or surprised at!

For instance, one morning as it was raining, l decided, not to walk or take the mini but go to Wandsworth by bus. I was not in a hurry and l love looking at the what is going on, instead of concentrating on driving! This particular time, l decided to catch a double decker and sit up stairs! My family say l am such a child, because l love sitting at the front of the bus! As we went down Putney Hill, l was able to see over a brick wall, that surrouned a new block of flats. Normally l never see over the wall, but it is possible to look through the gap, which is opening for people and cars, to enter . By looking through this gap, you will see what  got me get of the bus at the next stop and walk back up the hill! Some of you will know that l am fasinated by mushrooms and fungi. As you will see from the images below, this was quite an amazing specimen. It has grown on the stump of a fallen tree and is fighting for space with ivy. So over the last 3 months, l have documented its growth and death. Below are just a few of the many images, that l have taken, over those months.

At the bottom of my road is a T juntion and a small roundabout. Opposite this juntion, is is a small white bungalow, with it seems to me, a constant change of occupants! Anyway, the bungalow has two paths that go round it, sort of putting it on it's own roundabout! Out side the front door, there has been for a while, is an abandoned bamboo striped seetee! When l looked up the spealing of seetee, l discovered that other counties don't neccarilly understand the word seettee! In North America and Australia it is more likely be called a couch. BUT.....I think that many people in Uk also call a seetee a couch! Anyway, a while a go l was with a group of peopl and the subject of "furniture rubbish" came up and how to dispose of it. After a very heated "chat", l mentioned this particulary piece of furniture. Six of the group, go running every morning, apparently past this very bungalow and told me l must be describing the wrong bungalow. They had never seen the so said seettee and they ran past there every day. well to cut long argument short.....the next morning l got an apology via the mobile. I was right and they were wrong. My idea: they run past there everyday and just don't notice changes because they are not expecting anything different!!!!

An example of "not seeing" is the below image. This is Putney railway station and a while ago it had this" boat" had been added to the station platform. It is to celebrate the annual Boat Race which starts at Putrney Bridge. It is hardly small is it? But l have four friends, one of which is male, had  been using the station every morning for quite a few weeks, before they noticed it! They too, explain they were pre-occupied thinking about work or just trying to wake up(!) and had to ashamfully admit they never noticed it!Ha. In the evening they were tired and fighting the crowds and once again never noticed! Strange things are minds aren't they?

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the mushrooms remind me of Ganoderma products from Malaysia =)

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I love, love your photos!