Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cake Boy Treat! Gorgeous food and setting but not to be done too often, unless you are not worried about your weight or your purse!

A while ago, my gorgoeous daughter Jenny, took Tony and l out to lunch. I think we ended up paying but who's counting!Ha. It is a coffee lounge/shop/cookery school, that has become quite famous with footballs and their wives, for example. Please don't hold that against it. It is called Cake Boy ( and is at the bottom of some very well appointed flats around Wandsworth River area! The chef and owner is Eric Lanlard and I think he has had a cookery show on channel 4. 


 l would love to live here, but my bank balance wouldn't permit it but also the flats are too small for my liking! To get to this coffee lounge, ( this is what all the advertising calls it) we had to try and find the entrance to the car park, which believe me was not easy. Once inside, the sort of cars we packed our little pocket rocket next to, will let you see why we said it is out of our price range!
But look at the detail on these cars, don't make them like this any more. Well l don't think they do, unless of course, you have never-ending deep pockets. Leather straps..gorgeous!
Once you have found your way out of the carpark...another story.......................... The sign for the coffee lounge takes you so far, then disappears and leaves you in a massive underground carpark with a choice of about4 or 5 different exits and no clues! For someone like me, with no sense of direction what so ever..not good! Eventually, because l had Tony with me, he has an in-build compass l reckon, we found our way out and also managed to work the security exit system and out into ...poring rain. The gusts of wind could actually have blown you over if you were small!!..and l am only 5ft.2inch, so Tony held onto me quite tightly!Ha
Back to the main story.....This beautifully designed building complex is opposite an eye sore....unless, like me, you like graffiti! Actually even l have to admit, that the building does leave a lot to be desired and should be re-developed, fast.
The next image is of the entrance to the cafe it's self. I can imagine, in the summer with tables, chairs and sun-shades out, this must be a gorgeous place to have breakfast, coffee, lunch or afternoon tea. 
The inside is decorated in a style, that l think would be called flamboyant . The dictionary says that flamboyant can be something/somebody that shows their exuberance, confidence and stylishness!  When you see the following images, l think you will see l have picked the correct word! The only complaint, if it can be called a complaint, is it is very crammed and l did feel we were cramming the young couple next to us, who were have a champagne afternoon tea session. Special for them but with us and another family with, very noisy children,next to them, could have spoilt their £500 session. ( they were on the £250 per person cookery course!)!

The image below this is one of the you can see, once again plain is not on the agenda!Ha)! As you can see from the lack of sandwich..we enjoyed the food and pots of tea.
Just love the way that the teabags are all sewn! Some how the tea tasted so much better with sewn teabags!Ha. 
It was a very enjoyable, if a little expensive lunch. But if you don't do mad things every so often, life is not worth living! We will certainly go again.

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itsaworkofart said...

Hi Lynda, very interesting post, heee...most important, is that you enjoyed yourself!!
i've been busy and recovering from my sore throat (lost my voice)
just got another offer training at "boys home/hostel" such an 'eye-opener' experience for me and my friends.
you never thought that you even have to keep an eye on the pencils that you distribute to them!!
anyways, yes! i definitely will be interested in a swop. let me know, maybe ATC's for a start!!
Luv ; July